This months pooch pin up is all American mut, Theodore Roosevelt Smith or "Teddy" for short. Young Teddy was found wandering on a busy residential street and was saved by his new parents. He has beautifully tangled wirey hair (even when groomed!) and a gorgeous under-bite that showcases his pearly whites!
Thanks so much to parents, Jennifer & Craig, for the photos.

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About Us

About Us

Learn more about the founder of Downtown Dogs, her dog Lucky and her love for dogs that guided her create a unique pet boutique.

Our Tail

They say every dog has his day.  Lucky's came in the winter of 2003, when his search for new parents ended on our front lawn.  He was a peculiar-shaped dog, almost of his own breed wearing a warm smile and swishy brown tail.  He, uncertain of his future, and I, uncertain of his past bonded between copper-brown eyes and somehow I knew he would change my life forever.

I've been told when you are least looking for love it will find I guess what some say is true.  I never believed I could love anything more than my first dog, but watching the two chase squirrels with vigor, childishly crunch kibbles together, or quietly snooze side-by-side has brought me peace and laughter...too much to count. 

So if you've ever had a dog in your life, you'll understand our concept.   And for those of you like ourselves, we have scoured the cities looking for special and unique treasures we know your dog will love.  Our products are stylish, safe and each thoughtfully chosen.  Our space...a playful wonderland for dogs to be dogs and explore. 

We love dogs.  Dogs are our world. 

Founder of Downtown Dogs

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