This months pooch pin up is all American mut, Theodore Roosevelt Smith or "Teddy" for short. Young Teddy was found wandering on a busy residential street and was saved by his new parents. He has beautifully tangled wirey hair (even when groomed!) and a gorgeous under-bite that showcases his pearly whites!
Thanks so much to parents, Jennifer & Craig, for the photos.

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Nuts for Knots Rope Toy $6.00

Nuts for Knots Tug toy is the perfect toy to get your dog going! Dogs love rope toys and dogs love balls, so what’s better than a rope ball!? This toy is a thick woven ball of rope that is durable and long lasting. This toy is great for indoor and outdoor fun. The tug feature is great for pet parents to get involved with their best friends for some rough fun and great tossing.


  • Natural - tan rope
  • White - off white rope


  • small - 4" ball.
  • medium - 6" ball
  • large - 10" ball

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