This months pooch pin up is all American mut, Theodore Roosevelt Smith or "Teddy" for short. Young Teddy was found wandering on a busy residential street and was saved by his new parents. He has beautifully tangled wirey hair (even when groomed!) and a gorgeous under-bite that showcases his pearly whites!
Thanks so much to parents, Jennifer & Craig, for the photos.

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Swarovski 9 Row Crystal Necklace $129.00

Bound to be a conversation piece! Our SwarovskiŽ Crystal Doggy Necklaces - "Bling For Your Bitch" and "Bling For Your Stud" are the height of doggy luxury! Made with SwarovskiŽ Elements, black high quality butter-soft Italian leather backing and rhodium plated silver or gold chain topped with a Swarovski crystal and secure clasp.

: This item is for decorative purposes only and should be removed when leaving pet unattended. It is not intended for use with a leash.

Please be sure to measure the dogs neck accurately. This item is final sale.

They come in nine colors and nine rows, including jet black, light rose, sapphire, peridot, silver, glimmering clear crystal, jonquil, capri, and black diamond. The collar comes packaged in a blackfaux leather case - true jewelry for your pet!

The MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS label on our Swarovski Doggy Necklaces serves as a sign of authenticity and the highest standards of design. The distinctive trapezoid-shaped tag assures consumers all around the world that the design pieces are made with genuine SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

3 purple peridot lightrose jonquil jetblack clear capri black capri chart

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