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Our Antler Chews are 100% wild and natural! If you are looking for a long lasting, 100% natural and organic reward for your dog's chewing pleasure, dear antlers are the natural choice. Rocky Mountain mule deer antlers are naturally shed and gathered in Colorado and neighboring Western states. They are then cut, procured and finished up in Breckenridge, CO and then right to our doorstep. Each antler is unique, and vary in shape and size, so chances are you'll never see the same one twice.

Tips on choosing an antler:

Split Elk Antlers - “Great for Beginners” terrific for dogs that are new to chewing antlers, more tentative or occasional chewers, puppies or older dogs. Since these are split into halves and/or quarters, they will be easier for pups to get to the marrow inside.

Whole Deer Antlers - “For Power Chewers” excellent for dogs that are aggressive chewers and need more of a challenge. These chews come from naturally shed mule deer antlers and are denser chews than elk antlers.

*As always, we recommend supervising your pet when enjoying a chew. Please discard the antler if it is chewed down enough to become choking hazard.

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